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"The influence of seismic actions on Brazilian reinforced concrete buildings"


Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Ceará;

Master in Structures by the Federal University of Ceará;

PhD student in Structures at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto;

Reviewer of the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring;

Reviewer of the Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation;

Technical Responsible for Construtora e Administradora Sólida Ltda;

Founder and technical director of Paulo Filho Engenharia e Consultoria Estrutural Ltda;

Effective member of the Order of Engineers of Portugal.


"Carbonation in concrete structures: aspects of durability and sustainability"


Graduated in Civil Engineering from the State University of Western Paraná;

Master in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul with a doctorate from the same university;

ANTAC interinstitutional relations director, IBRACON regional director and CREA-PR advisor;

She works on extension projects, mainly on topics about women in science, giving lectures across the country;

In the research he works on the themes of eco-efficient materials and sustainability, with

emphasis on studies in the area of performance, durability, prediction of useful life, evaluation of structures, CO2 capture, circular economy and use of solid waste and construction sustainability.

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"Mechanical characterization of structures based on geophysical techniques and neural networks."


Graduated in Civil Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, she has a master's degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto / Portugal;

Reviewer of the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring; and Researcher at the Laboratory of Seismic and Structural Engineering (LESE / CONSTRUCT / FEUP), since 2014.

He has works on the characterization and structural evaluation of old concrete and masonry constructions using artificial neural networks and has experience in heritage rehabilitation, working mainly with non-destructive tests;

Guides works on the characterization of historical heritage and durability of buildings, as well as in the research line on building materials and sustainability.


"The hormone elaborated on the job, some contributions to improve its quality and reduce pathologies"

Civil Engineer, graduated from the National University of Córdoba. Specialist in the field of Technology and Cement with more than 25 years of experience on the theme. Manager of the Centro de Desarrollo e Innovación de Holcim Argentina. Professor of the Chair of Technology of the Materials of Construction of the National University of Cordoba. Active member of several normative committees of the Argentine Institute for Standardization and Certification: Cemento, Aggregados, Hormigones y sus Aplicaciones, Elaborado Hormigón, among others.
Active member of the Flooring, Hormigón y Normalización committees, of the Instituto del Cemento Portland Argentino (ICPA).
Member of the Directive Committee of the Argentine Association of Tecnología del Hormigón (AATH), Member of the American Concrete Institue (ACI). A large number of jobs have been published related to cement technology,
concrete, hydraulic binders and stabilization of pigs, presented at national and international congresses.
He is co-author of the book “Ese Material Llamado Hormigón”, published by the Asociación Argentinade Tecnología del Hormigón (AATH).



"Seismic dimensioning of irregular buildings: lessons, standards and case studies."

PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Aveiro. Previously, he completed a master's degree in Civil Engineering Structures and a degree in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Porto, Portugal. He is currently a full professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), Portugal, Honorary Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering, University College of London (UCL), London, United Kingdom and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fujian, China. He is director of the PhD program in Civil Engineering at FEUP.
He is an External Investigator of the Disaster Risk Management Group in Social Infrastructure and Vivienda de Bajo Costo (GERDIS), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Lima, Peru.
He has work experience in both research and industry, having worked internationally in the design and rehabilitation of structures. Participated in post-earthquake field reconnaissance missions, in particular in L'Aquila (Italy, 2009), Lorca (Spain, 2011), Emilia-Romagna (Italy, 2012), Gorkha (Nepal, 2015) and Puebla (Mexico, 2017).
His main research interests include: assessment, reinforcement and repair of structures; monitoring of structural health; structural modeling and testing; seismic engineering; rehabilitation of earth construction and seismic reinforcement. He has coordinated and participated in several national and international research projects, being an Integrated Member and Deputy Coordinator of the CONSTRUCT research unit: Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction, member of the governing body of the Construction Institute of the University of Porto, and President. He is also a member of the National Committee of the International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Expert Member of the International Scientific Committee for the Architectural Heritage of the Land of ICOMOS (ISCEAH), member of the Ibero-American Network PROTERRA, member of the Mexican Academy of Engineering, member of International Scientific Council (ISB) of the AdMaS Center (Advanced Materials, Structures and Technologies), among others.


"Seismic performance of adobe structures, with and without seismic feedback, of a level and level."

(Work developed together with teachers Marcial Blondet and Julio Vargas)

Nícola Tarque is a full-time professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). He was involved in projects related to reinforced and non-reinforced masonry (adobe material, stone, clay brick) and was responsible for the dynamic testing of adobe houses at PUCP. His latest research deals with seismic risk assessment based on displacement of masonry dwellings, large-scale assessment of seismic vulnerability of historic sites, numerical modeling of masonry structures and earth movements expected at historic sites as part of Heritage Conservation Cultural. Its main field of work concerns the non-linear dynamic analysis of structures (earth, masonry), finite element modeling, seismic design of masonry and reinforced concrete structures, seismic vulnerability assessment, seismic risk, seismic risk assessment and amplification of ground movements.

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" The diagnosis and definition of the intervention methodology is a multidisciplinary and complex exercise: Theater in Porto in the 1940s ."

Full Professor of Construction at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Director of the Laboratory of Construction Physics - LFC. President of GECoRPA-Grémio do Património. Conductor of Construction Physics, Pathology and Rehabilitation of Buildings and Thermal of Buildings of the Integrated Master in Civil Engineering

He is the author or co-author of 6 books; 6 book chapters; 38 articles in international magazines; 18 articles National magazines; 5 Editions of conference proceedings; 104 Communications at international scientific meetings; 79 Communications at national scientific meetings; Invited speaker at 6 international conferences and Invited speaker at 57 national conferences.

The last book published, of which he is Coordinator and Co-author, is the Support Manual for the Rehabilitation of Old Buildings project.


"Repair and reinforcement of a reinforced concrete umbrella-shaped culvert of extraordinary dimensions / Repair and reinforcement of a reinforced concrete wall of extraordinary dimensions."

Albert de la Fuente is a Civil Engineer (2007), Associate Professor in the area of concrete structures since 2011. His research interests are focused on the field of optimization of concrete structures, fiber reinforced concrete design and material characterization new techniques. He is also developing research in aspects related to multi-criteria decision-making systems for sustainability assessment. He has published 85 JCR-indexed scientific papers, 70 international JCR-indexed and more than 80 international conference papers. He has supervised 12 PhD thesis and more than 150 Master/Bachelor Thesis in the last 10 years. He has is currently leading 3 national-funded research projects and 5 research collaborations with the main Spanish construction companies (ACCIONA, DRAGADOS, SACYR, and FERROVIAL). Prof. Albert de la Fuente is an active member of the fib (Fédération Internationale du Betón) and the Spanish Concrete Association ACHE. In 2013, he co-founded a UPC Spin-Off named Smart Engineering.



"Current situation of the release of ceramic tiles on building facades / Current situation of the detachment of ceramic tile veneers in building facades."

Associate Professor at the Escuela de Construcción Civil, is Constructor Civil at the Universidad Católica de Chile (1984-1989), Doctor at Ciencias de la Ingeniería de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1999-2002). He joined the School of Civil Construction in 1995. Currently, he is a professor of Structural Behavior, Structure and Processes and Pathology in Construction Works, the latter form part of the Master Program in Construction that dictates the School. Since he

año 2009 a 2015 part of his journey to management positions. In his role as Director of Teaching he actively participated in the processes of Accreditation of the Carrera and in the elaboration of the New Program of Studies that entered into force in 2014. I was a member of the School Council, the Title Project Committee and the Curricular Committee . Also, I was a member of the Council of the University Development Center. He participated in FONDEF Projects, as a Researcher Responsible for the Security Group in the Project for the Certification of Viviendas by Performance. He has published ISI and directed several thesis of pre and post with the objective of developing teaching material for professors and seniors of the courses that have been reflected in Anatomía de la Construcción y Estructural Comportamiento, has prepared the text guides and graphic material of the courses Hormigón Armado, Estructuras II y Estructural Behavior; has collaborated in the design of the diagnostic assessment and the portfolio of evidence of learning from the processes of Professional Practices and expulsion in the XI International Congress on Approach Based on Competences with regard to the challenges for the design and curriculum development of the Escuela de Construcción Civil. In the last of the years, I have had a high productivity in the development of Podcast on topics related to the signatures that are unique, the closing of the order of 60 videos on YouTube, demonstrating their commitment to quality and innovation in methodologies for learning, impacting on the development of a new Construcción Civil curriculum. In addition, as an expert in Pathology in Construction Works, he participates periodically in Asesorías a la Industria y Sector Construcción through DECON UC. At the moment it is performed like Director of Teaching of the School of Civil Construction.


"Seismic Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring of Heritage Buildings: A review of case studies in Peru"

Academic Positions:
2018 - Present: Full Professor, Department of Engineering - Civil Engineering Division, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (tenured)

2012 - 2017: Associate Professor, Department of Engineering - Civil Engineering Division, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (tenured)

2011 - 2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering - Civil Engineering Division, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (tenure-track)

April 2017: Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering, UNC Charlotte
Fall Semester 2014: Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester, USA

2006 - 2007: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Engineering - Civil Engineering Division, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

2005 - 2007: Teaching Assistant, Department of Engineering - Civil Engineering Division, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Research Positions at PUCP:
2014 - Present: Founder and Director of the interdisciplinary research center on Advanced Engineering Analysis and Monitoring of Historical Buildings; Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

2014 - 2017: Director of Research, Department of Engineering - Civil Engineering Division, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

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"Environmental sustainability and human comfort in buildings: two key factors influencing livability and real estate market in smart post-Covid cities"

Anna Laura Pisello gradiated cum laude in building engineering at Politecnico di Milano and has a PhD in Energy Engineering. She is an expert in building physics and energy efficiancy in the built environment, including historic constructions. She authored more than 100 journal papers and she is the PI of several international projects supported by the European Commission and the Italian Ministries.


"Machine learning methods for structural rehabilitation design"

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"Realcalinization of carbonated concrete - preventive or corrective treatment in relation to reinforcement corrosion?"

PhD in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in
collaboration with the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (España). Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Paraíba and at the Post-graduation in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Federal University of Paraíba.
Supervisor of 15 master's dissertations and 8 doctoral theses. Level 1D researcher CNPq. Regional director of the Brazilian Concrete Institute. Develops research projectsin collaboration with institutions in South America and Europe. Currently, its main themes of interest are: durability of reinforced concrete structures, corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures, methods of protection and recovery of structures attacked by reinforcement corrosion and development and performance evaluation of concrete eco-efficient products. Author of two technical books, seven book chapters and more than one hundred publications in journals and international congresses.


"A proposal of a procedure for the seismic design, evaluation and retrofit of building structures from a perspective of resilience and functionality recovery."